Our Run4Fun program is offered to elementary schools, middle schools, high schools, and communities. We partner with community based organizations, schools, and communities to bring our program to young people after-school and in-school. Our Run4Fun curriculum couples life skills while developing an active and healthy life-style through running. Running technique, nutritional tips, life skills, and team building activities are integrated into the sessions. Run4Fun sessions are designed for each age group and include dynamic warm ups, age-appropriate distance runs, running technique, running games, nutritional activities, tag games, relays, destination runs, and a cool down. Run4Fun has scaffolded the sessions for young people as they transition from elementary school to middle school, and middle school to high school, fostering goal setting, interpersonal skills, and perseverance, preparing young people for success. 

After School

Run4Fun’s after school program provides opportunities for youth to be active through its Run4Fun curriculum, promoting wellness in youth emotionally, physically, and socially. Run4Fun partners with community based organizations, schools and communities to bring our program to youth after-school to the communities of New York City. Our current partners are NIA Community Service Network, including schools, MS 443 and I.S. 609. In addition, we partner with The Children's School, Brooklyn Prospect Charter School, and Poly Prep. We also partner with Heartshare to bring our program to the McKinley Beacon Program at I.S. 259. Run4Fun also has age group sessions in our flag ship location, Prospect Park as well as Owl’s Head Park, Brooklyn. 

In School

Run4Fun’s In School Recess Program offers school administrators the opportunity for our program to tailor a safe and structured recess to their school, by providing the Run4Fun curriculum, facilitators, equipment, structured running and active games outdoor and indoor. Our program promotes an environment of fun and safety, team work and respect, increasing self-esteem and wellness. 
Run4Fun has its NYC DOE Vendor License, enhancing our ability to go into schools during the school day. We currently partner with Principal Jamaal Bowman to bring our program to his students at Cornerstone Academy of Social Action Middle School in the Bronx. Run4Fun has also been awarded with the Nike Community Impact Fund Grant to continue our program at the Middle School for Art and Philosophy in Brooklyn. 


Holidays & Summer

Run4Fun runs our program in McKinley Beacon Program at I.S. 259's summer camp. Run4Fun also runs events in Poros, Kephalonia, Greece every summer and offers mini-sessions in Prospect Park for school-aged children during most school holidays.

Birthday Parties & Special Events

Come celebrate your birthday party or special event with Run4Fun! Run4Fun birthday customizes your event, and includes fun running activities and games, including a Run4Fun scavenger running hunt, and many more activities. Party packages and events include Run4Fun incentives and t-shirts.